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Brown City Public Library

Librarian Announcement

Long time Librarian, Shirley Wood, has announced her retirement from the Brown City Public Library and the Board of Trustees will be seeking a new librarian. If interested, please refer to the Job Posting.

The Brown City Public Library is currently accepting resumes and seeking
highly qualified applicants for the position of Library Director. Over the past
three years, the Board of Trustees of Brown City Public Library has worked
diligently to provide the best library experience for our patrons and
community. The successful candidate will be a talented leader, who is
innovative and forward-thinking with excellent communication skills to take
our library to the next level.
Many advances have been made including the installation of QuickBooks
for better financial management and purchasing and renovating a new
library facility which expands the floor space nearly fourfold. A few exciting
additions are forthcoming with the implementation of Apollo, a library
information circulation system, and in the very near future, our goal of
becoming a district library will hopefully be possible due to our partnerships
with the City of Brown City and the Brown City School System.
Interested persons should apply by submitting an application, resume, list
of references and cover letter to